RawConverter for iPad

Putting RAW photos on your iPad using the Camera Connection Kit doesn't work very well, since you apparently see a large image of the thumbnail. This application will convert most Nikon NEF, Canon CRW/CR2, Olympus ORF, Panasonic RW2, Sony ARW (not SR2), FujiFilm RAF, Pentax PEF and Leica RWL files to TIFF, PNG and/or JPEG directly on your iPad. A list of supported cameras can be found here. You will not need Internet access for it. The intended use is for photographers on a plane, in the field or on vacation, who put RAW photos onto their iPads using the Camera Connection Kit. Internet access is either impossible or impossibly expensive in these situations.

What it is

This is a raw converter, not a photo editor. There are several good photo editors for the iPad, and you should use one as part of your workflow. The conversion itself is based on DCRaw, which is the most popular and widely used open source converter around.


You will need an iPad 3+ running iOS 5+ to run this app. It does not yet work on the Mini or iOS8. It does not yet work with combined JPEG and RAW.

Supported cameras

A list of supported cameras can be found here.

Internet access

You will not need Internet access for the app.

Location services

To use this app, you have to enable Location Services for it. This is an Apple requirement. The app does not use your location data.


You will also have to turn Auto Lock to Never in Settings->General. This is also due to Apple. Remember to turn it back afterwards.

Selecting files for conversion

The app will tell you the type of each input file. If you choose a bunch of non-RAW photos, or RAW photos that are not supported, then an alert will tell you so.

Batching conversions

You can batch conversions. Just select more than one image.

Output files

The output files are written to the Camera Roll. Your original RAW files will not be affected.


You can control the JPEG quality, highlight detail vs brightness and speed/memory for batches of size at least 2.


This software is based on DCRaw without the restricted functions (no license) and ELCPickerController (MIT license).


If you have questions, the support address is on the main screen of the app. We prefer that you contact us first. Most problems are easily resolved.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

Diabetic Diary for iPhone

This app is for you to record your progress with diabetes. It permits you to enter information manually, and also interfaces with the PC software for the following families of meters: FreeStyle, Precision, OneTouch, Contour and iBGStar. The app is free.


This app allows you to record and view blood sugar, long-lasting and sliding scale insulin, pills taken, exercise, food and notes. The entries can be saved for future use. It permits you specify a time interval and view the trend for that period. It permits you to specify a time interval and email a CSV file of your data to your physician. This CSV file can also be imported to your computer using iTunes. The CSV file can be input to any spreadsheet (e.g. Excel), and graphed and/or analyzed using the spreadsheet. You can import data from the PC software for the Freestyle, Precision, OneTouch, Contour and iBGStar meters. See this link for details

Listen to your health care provider

This app is not meant as a substitute for any procedure or process prescribed by your health care provider. It is for informational purposes only.


Available at the Apple App Store here.